Double-sided tapes

Double-sided tapes successfully bonds steel, plastic, glass, wood, pained materials and foam together with the speed and strength needed for structural, permanent or repositionable applications. 3M double-sided tapes provide shear strength, surface adhesion, temperature and conformability resistance to make the selection of the right tape for your next project easier than ever.

Together with 3M Double-sided tapes we offer 3M Transfer tapes. Adhesive Transfer Tapes are engineered to make your product designs more streamlined and easier to manufacture. They are the original thin bonding adhesive solutions, ideal for joining dissimilar materials under difficult conditions, without adding bulk to your designs.

You can use 3M Transfer Tapes into products that need exact specifications. These tapes help the process of creating products to be quickly and clean. It means really increasing of the production speed. You choose from variety of material combinations to improve your products’ appearance, performance and process of manufacturing.

Lower production and material costs with 3M Double-sided Tapes

Instead of weld, screws, nuts and bolts you can use double-sided tapes in order to decrease production’s speed and costs. Some materials are thinner, lighter or less expensive but they cannot be welded or fastened traditionally. You can find full line of double-sided tapes with pressure-sensitive adhesive for attaching different kind of substrates with a variety of strengths — from permanent to repositionable.