3M Scotchlok Crimping Tool E-9Y for two conductor splicing


3M Scotchlok Crimping Tool E9Y allows you fast and easy conductor splicing of 3M Scotchlok UY2 and Scotchlok UR2 conductors.

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Fast and easy two conductor splicing

For fast and easy mounting of 3M Scotchlok UR2 and UY2 conductors. 3M’s developers designed Scotchlok Crimping Tool E-9Y with more stable and efficient work process.

The pliers are placed on the Scotchlok conductors and have a stepped jaws and a long nose which provide parallel crimping action. The 3M Scotchlok Crimping Tool E9Y are compatible with all Scotchlok™ conductors (UY2,UR2, UB2A, and 211).

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