3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive + 3M Press-in-Place Emblem Adhesive 1 piece + 3M VHB 110 Double-sided car molding tape



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3M Spray 77 3M Super 77 is a universal aerosol adhesive for a strong bond between mostly light materials without soaking into them. With this spray adhesive, surfaces stick in just 15 seconds.

3M Super 77 is an aggressive acrylate adhesive with a clear color that spreads easily and evenly. Permanently bonds materials such as cardboard, paper, foam insulation materials, wood, felt, films, phaser, unpainted metals, etc.

3M Press-in-Place3M Press-In-Place Emblem Adhesive is a specialized automotive emblem tape that is a layer of adhesive between 2 protectors. Thanks to their special technology, Press-In-Place tapes provide a quick and convenient way to stick emblems and stickers on cars.

The bonding time is minimal, as it does not require special preparation and mixing, as with glues. 3M Press-In-Place are resistant to moisture and heat, and have UV protection. This ensures a permanent and strong adhesion of car decals, saving you unnecessary effort and chaos.

3M лента за лайсни на коли, ролка 1.50мVHB GPH-110GF is a viscoelastic double-sided tape with exceptional strength and flexibility, compatible with various materials. Thanks to the high-quality acrylate glue, it firmly sticks heterogeneous surfaces with different linear expansion, ensuring great stability of the products and high durability of the connection.

3M Double-sided adhesive tape is resistant to UV light, vibration, a wide temperature range and the effects of weather, making it perfect for outdoor use. This double-sided tape has a VHB carrier and is 1.1 mm thick and 1.5 m long.

3M Spray Super 77 bonds the following materials:

  • foam
  • styrofoam
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • phaser
  • fabrics
  • felt
  • films
  • iron sheets

3M Press-In-Place Advantages:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • The adhesive does not deform or change
  • Without any effort and chaos
  • Comfortable and compact
  • An excellent alternative to traditional glues, even better

3M VHB GPH-110GF Applications:

  • car tuning
  • mobile phones
  • electronics
  • highway signs
  • refrigerators
  • windows
  • illuminated advertising

Additional information

Weight 0.631 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 25.5 cm
3M Product family

3M VHB Tapes, 3M Contact and Spray Adhesive, 3M Double Coated Tapes


Double coated tapes, Adhesive transfer tapes, Aerosol adhesives




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