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3M 710 Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Tape – For extreme, heavy traffic areas, black

3M 310 Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Medium Resilient – anti-slip tape, black, 4,57m


3M 310 Safety-Walk is a non-mineral fine-textured anti-slip tape. Provides safety and comfort by preventing slips. Used barefoot. After peeling, it does not leave traces of glue as a prerequisite for collecting dust and bacteria. The tape is durable, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Length: 4,57m; Roll width: 25mm, 51mm.

3M 370 Safety Walk, grey

3M 370 Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Medium Resilient, wet areas, grey, 18,3m


3M 370 Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Medium Resilient – A soft textured, non-mineral, medium resilient surface bonded to a pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed plastic film. Textured resilient high friction surface and durable adhesive provide long-lasting performance. Applications: locker rooms, around hot tubs and pools, boats, personal watercraft, water skis, exercise equipment, conveyers.

Length:18,3m; Roll width: 25mm, 51mm.