3M Citrus Cleaner is an adhesive remover spray for cleaning glue residues left by stickers, paper labels, paper tape, car wrap films, windows graphics. It also acts as a degreaser for metal parts, tools, motors and so on.



Adhesive Remover Spray with citrus based formula

3M Citrus Cleaner is a high-strength cleaner on а natural base that removes adhesives residues from metal, plastics, glass, rubber and other materials. Citrus-based 3M Adhesive Remover Spray contains 91% organic ingredients – no acids, toxic substances or chemicals. The predominant ingredient in 3M Citrus Cleaner is the substance D-Limonene which is extracted from orange fruit peels. This substance is the natural cleaning mechanism for rubber-based adhesives. It makes 3M orange spray harmless in short contact with skin, without causing any side effects.

3M citrus based adhesive remover is non-corrosive and does not require special storage conditions. It has high concentrate formula so you can clean rubber, solvent and acrylic based adhesive residues with very small quantity of the cleaner. In addition to cleaning adhesive residues of stickers and labels, 3M Citrus Cleaner can be used as a degreaser in household and car repairing.

Orange scent spray 3M Citrus Cleaner can be use as a degreaser

3M Citrus Cleaner is a multipurpose spray for removing different based adhesives. It also cleans up greases on dishes, engine oil and grease on tools. 3M orange fruit adhesive remover can be used for removing ink spots left after repairs or maintenance of printing devices.

Cleans adhesives (glues) from all these materials:

  • metal
  • plastics
  • polycarbonates
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • nitrile rubber
  • concrete
  • other materials

Typical applications

Removes adhesive residues that left on the surfaces after sticking out:
  • paper tape from window frames
  • old stickers from furniture and tiles
  • automotive films
  • insurance company stickers from windows
  • paper labels of products
  • film graphics from showcases

Advantages of orange scent spray adhesive remover

  • health friendly
  • easy to use
  • economical
  • fast action
  • biodegradable
  • do not leave spots
  • is not corrosive
  • 91% natural ingredients
  • contain no petroleum distillates

How to use 3M Citrus Cleaner?

ATTENTION: Before to apply on the surface, test its action to a little area. In this way you will avoid matte coloring which is possibly to get on some plastics, painted or rubber materials.


Spray 3M Citrus Cleaner on the surface you want to clean. Wait 2-3 minutes before the spray remover dissolves dirt and helps to decrease adhesive bond strength. After that wipe out using a clean wet cloth the spayed surface. Repeat this step again using a dry cloth. In the case of deep layer adhesive or grease, repeat all the steps for optimal result.

You can use isopropyl alcohol for the perfect cleaning of the surfaces.

Additional information

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Technical Bulletin for 3M Citrus Cleaner
Technical Bulletin
Safety Data Sheet for 3M Citrus Cleaner
Safety DataSheet
Regulatory Data sheet for 3M Citrus Cleaner
Regulatory DataSheet


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