Double-sided tapes and adhesives

This online shop is part of the Partners Ltd. custom care program. The company is an authorized distributor of 3M for Bulgaria for Industrial Products and Commercial Graphics products since 1998.

Years of experience with different bonding systems and many successful customer projects has motivated us to create this site. Here we have selected some of 3M’s most popular double-sided tapes and adhesives. In each product you will find its full description, the materials it bonds, and its typical applications.

Led by the desire to offer our customers the best 3M double-sided tapes or adhesives they need, we also give an assistance about the choice. That is why we implemented the 3M ASPEC Material Selection System on the shop page. is designed not only for home craftsmen. For decades, many serious and large industries rely on the leader in double sided tapes and adhesives – 3M. On this website, companies from all business areas can find the right solutions for their needs with a guarantee of a strong and lasting bond.

To meet the needs for faster deliveries, non-standard sizes and better pricing, we installed last generation Log Slitter machine for precise and quality slitting of single and double sided rolls.

You need:

  • Strong and durable bonding
  • Aesthetically well-looking connection
  • More open time for work
  • Faster bonding
  • Bonding materials with LSE
  • Non-standard sizes of double-sided tapes
  • Thermo or electrical conductive bonding

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