3M 610 Safety-Walk is a self-adhesive anti-slip tape with mineral coating. Highly resistant, for external and internal applications. It is designed to minimize the risk of an accident at work or at home. The product is suitable for dry, wet, or oily surfaces (stairs, corridors, emergency exits, warehouses, ramps, etc.)

Roll length: 3.05 m; Roll width: 19mm, 25mm, 51mm.

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3M 610 Safety-Walk self-adhesive anti-slip tape, black, 3,05m

3M 610 Safety-Walk self-adhesive anti-slip tape3M 610 Safety-Walk is a self-adhesive anti-slip tape. Contains abrasive particles with a mineral coating, glued with a strong and durable polymer with plastic tape for a maximum stable surface.

Suitable for all slippery surfaces with heavy pedestrian traffic and light trucks. High durability, guaranteeing 3 years of service life. It does not shrink over time, remains in the created shape and size when glued. After peeling, it does not leave traces of glue, which would be a prerequisite for collecting dust and bacteria.

Type of surface:

  • painted metal
  • plastic
  • painted wood
  • porous concrete
  • painted concrete
  • marble
  • terazzo
  • polyethylene
  • vinyl tile
  • quarry tile
  • gel-coated fiberglass
  • epoxy floors


  • stairways
  • entrances
  • emergency exit
  • factories
  • warehouses
  • ramps
  • machine steps

3M 610 Safety-Walk self-adhesive anti-slip tape advantages:

  • slip resistant surface
  • easy application on wet, dry and clean surfaces
  • safe slip resistant surface
  • wide temperature range
  • chemical resistance
  • easy to apply in cold weather
  • phthalate-free
  • transparent

Install Guide:

  1. Carefully remove any dirt or oil from the surface.
  2. Make sure surface is clean,dry and not broken.
  3. First prime the surface then star applying the tape.
  4. Individual pieces should be spaced a minimum of 12 mm apart and a maximum of 50 mm apart.
  5. Peel protective liner back about 50 mm from one end and position piece on surface.Note: minimize touching (contaminating) adhesive with fingers.
  6. Finally press into firm contact with surface using a rubber hand roller by starting in middle and rolling out towards edges.

Warning: On steps, apply 3M Safety-Walk materials 12 to 15 mm from stair edge to prevent edge curl and premature wear.

Additional information

Roll width

19 mm, 25 mm, 51 mm

Roll length

3,05 m

Tape thickness

0,711 mm

Tape color


Materials to apply

Acryl, PVC, Polycarbonate, Glass, Ceramic, Stones, Metal Painted

3M Product family

3M Safety Walk tapes


Safety walk types

Maximum Service Temperature


Minimum Application Temperature





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