G.D.I. GT044 Little Foot squeegee


Firm flex squeegee for applying window, car wrap, and print graphic films.


GT044 squeegee from the “Little Foot” series, designed for fast and easy film application on the most hard-to-reach spots. One side is much longer than the other, thus, the squeegee can reach even the most difficult and narrow areas. The length of the long side is 15 cm. The Little Foot squeegee allows you to achieve perfect film applications.

Red GT044 squeegee is made from hard nylon, that makes it resistant to high temperatures. It is a must-have instrument during the application of car wrap, window, or print graphic films.


  • easy-to-use
  • reaches the most narrow areas
  • made from firm polymeric nylon
  • a must-have when applying car wrap, window, and print graphic films

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