3M Gold Squeegee PA1-G – a perfect tool for applying films on smooth substrates.


3M Hand Applicator PA1-G for quickly and easy wrapping

3M Gold squeegee 3M PA1-G is made of ware resistant nylon which structure allows smooth and easy sliding on many surface. Thanks to its flexible and smooth surface, the gold applicator protects wrapped details from scratching. 3M PA1-G hand squeegee has a reinforced nylon structure with high surface energy. This applicator has high durability that is longer than similar competitors’ products.

Applications of 3M Gold Squeegee PA1-G

3M Gold Squeegee PA1-G is widely used for applying all kind of vinyl films:
  • cast films
  • calendered films
  • windows films
  • graphic films
  • other films with applying stripes (and with no stripes)
3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1 for hand squeegee

When you apply embossed textured films as carbon, wooden texture and like this ones, it is recommended to use protective 3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1.

Using Low Friction Sleeves on the 3M Gold Squeegee PA-1 G repeatedly prolongs the life of the applicator and further protects the applied surfaces from possible scratches.

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PDF Bulletin Wet Method for Application of films
Wet Method Application Bulletin
PDF Bulletin Dry Method application of films
Wet Method Application Bulletin


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