3M 755 Hybrid Sealant, white


3M 755 Hybrid Sealant bonds different materials and seals such as: metal, plastics, glass, ceramic, and wood.


3M 755 Hybrid Sealant

3M 755 Hybrid Sealant bonds different materials and seals. Widely used in many industries – refrigerated trailers, truck bodies,
shipbuilding, air conditioning, and ventilation units. 3M 755 Hybrid Adhesive is a single component elastomeric sealant without isocyanates curingе. It allows you to have strong bond on materials such as: plastics, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, wood, and others. Can be painted over even before it has dried. This speeds up the working process.

3M 755 Hybrid Sealant is resistant to UV rays and environmental exposure. Skin formation time is between 40-70 minutes. Full cure happens in 24 hours.

Applications of 3M 755 Hybrid Sealant

3M 755 Hybrid Sealant, white

Widely used in many industries.

  • automotive graphics and applications
  • vehicle strips
  • advertising signage – signs and channel letters
  • industrial applications

Advantages of 3M 755 Hybrid Sealant

  • UV resistant
  • can be painted while still wet
  • perfect bonding
  • can be applied over many surfaces
  • resist environmental exposure

Bonding technique of 3M 755 Hybrid Sealant

Do not apply at a temperature under 5°C. Do not apply over silicone or polyurethane.

Clean and dry the surfaces prior applying the 3M 755 Hybrid Sealant. You must remove the following stains from the surface: grease, mold, oil, water, etc.. Application temperature is between +5°C to +35°C.

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