Aerosol adhesive 3M Spray 75 with repositionable adhesive. It is used for temporary bonding of patterns, emblems, holding T-shirts during silk screening.

  • paper
  • textile
  • lightweight materials


Aerosol adhesive 3M Spray 75 allows materials to be repositioned repeatedly

3M Repositionable Adhesive Spray 75 is absolute clear adhesive. It allows the materials to be lifted and repeatedly repositioned. In a few seconds you can change the position of bonded materials without wrinkling and damaging. 3M Spray 75 is widely used for temporary bonding of many different materials: paper, cardboard, tissue, film, fabrics, plastic sheets, and others. Can be used for holding emblems on T-shirts, holding patterns in place instead of printing, holding T-shirts during silk screening and more. 3M Spray 75 is perfect for production line work, for example in textile cutting rooms. Low-soak formula of the adhesive allows bonding materials without wrinkling or lifting.

Bonds all these materials

Adhesive remains tacky to allow materials to be repositioned during application!
  • paper
  • fabrics
  • lightweight materials

Applications of 3M Spray Adhesive 75

  • fancywork
  • silk screening on textile
  • fixture lightweight materials
  • holding patterns
  • holding emblems

Advantages of 3M Spray 75

  • allows materials to be repositioned
  • bonding and peeling
  • bond for a few seconds
  • resists staining
  • prevent materials from wrinkling when bonded
  • clean appearance

How to apply 3M Spray 75 Adhesive?

Clean up the surfaces before bonding. Remove dust, grease stains and other dirt. Bond at higher than 18°C for high strength connection.

  1. Clean well the surfaces.
  2. Spray both surfaces from 15-20 distance.
  3. Bond the materials pressing lightly.
  4. If it is necessary, reposition them.

Additional information

Weight 0.465 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 23.5 cm
Adhesive color


Spray control


Tape adhesive


3M Product family

3M Contact and Spray Adhesive


Aerosol adhesives

Materials to apply

Paper and Cardboard

Assembly solutions

Mounting and trim attachment




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