A pink squeegee for removing films from delicate surfaces. It helps easier and quiker decals, films, labels and adhesive peeling off.


Small and easy to grip tool for removing films GT083 Lil Chizler

The pink squeegee GT083 Lil Chizler is created for removing films, decals, labels and adhesive from delicate surfaces. All the squeegees from GDI Tools 083 series are recommended for deinstallation of automotive, window, and print graphic films. GT083 Lil Chizler is one of the favorite tools for film installers because it do not scrtach the surfaces and it is easy to use. The pink squeegee can be used for pressing down small film creases or air bubbles during applying self-adhesive films.

Advantages of GT083 Lil Chizler:

  • perfect for removing film from easy to scratch surfaces
  • suitable for car paint and glass application
  • does not leave stains or scratches
  • use for pressing down small film creases and air bubbles

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