Hard card squeegee (blue color) for installing window films, automotive window films, paint protection films, films for vehicle graphics. Softest from GT086 series.


Blue teflon card - GT086 Blue Hard Card Squeegee

GT086 Blue Hard Card Squeegee from GDI Tools is recommended for a variety of film installations. The hard card squeegee GT086 series contain many different colors and flex ratings. GT086 Blue Hard Card is softest and the most flexible.

It can be used for window films, car tint films, automotive graphic films, paint protection films and many more. It is a lightweight and durable tool.

Advantages of GT086 Blue Hard Card:

  • hard card teflon squeegee
  • softest and the most flexible from GT086 series
  • durable and easy to use
  • for installing window films and vehicle graphic films

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