A durable and abrasion-resistant, green vinyl tape for marking pinch points, hazardous equipment, exit points, and other areas that need warning identification. Suitable for horizontal and vertical markings to ensure safe workspace at warehouses, factories, sports halls, hospitals.


3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 Green

Holding Power N/A
Solvent Resistance ✚✚✚
Ease of Application ✚✚✚
Rate of Strength Build ✚✚✚
Aestetics ✚✚✚
Abrasion Resistance ✚✚✚
Ease of removing ✚✚✚

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 Green for clear safety indication of hazardous areas, driving and walking lanes, and dangerous facilities areas at warehouses, factories, public areas, hospitals, sports halls, and more.

The hazard warning tape is covered by rubber adhesive that sticks quickly and has an excellent holding strength on many surfaces.

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 marking tape has high abrasion resistance. It is designed with unique stretch properties to conform to irregular and curved surfaces/shapes, without lifting. The vinyl (PVC) tape can be applied by hand or with a floor applicator.

The product is available in colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Gray, Black, and Clear

Recommended application temperature is between 16° to 27°C. The tape must be applied on clean and dry surfaces for the best results.

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 advantages:

  • vivid color for easy identification in manufacturing environments
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high durability
  • strength and durable bonding to many surfaces
  • perfect conform to uneven and rough surfaces
  • can be applied by hand or with floor applicator
  • clean removal
  • high visibility hazardous equipment and areas

For many different materials

  • metal
  • glass
  • LSE materials
  • ceramics
  • plastics
  • composite materials
  • wood – (painted/unpainted)
  • painted surfaces

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 applications:

  • floor markings
  • to indicate the electrical panels
  • for marking hazard areas
  • for marking areas around exit points
  • for safety marking of protruding equipment
  • to indicate areas that must be kept clear for safety reasons

Video: How and where to apply 3M Industrial Tapes for Markings?

Additional information

Roll width

50 mm

Roll length

33 m

Tape thickness

0,13 mm

Tape carrier


Tape color


Tape adhesive


Materials to apply

Metal Painted, Acryl, PVC, Polycarbonate, Glass, Ceramic, Stones, LSE, Metal Unpainted, Nylon, PET, Rubber, Wood

3M Product family

3M Single sided tapes


Single sided Tapes




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Technical Bulletin
3M Industrial Tapes for marking PDF brochure
3M Masking Products - industrial marking tapes catalogue


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