3M TSA-1 Textured Surface Roller is a heat-resistant roller, which is made entirely of foam. The product is designed for mounting films on large and textured areas. Use with a high temperature, electronically-controlled heat gun and 3M recommended films.

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3M Lane Marking Applicator M1

3M Lane Marking Applicator M-13M Lane Marking Applicator M1 applies safety and vinyl tape to floors with greater ease and accuracy for marking traffic lanes, storage boundaries and safety zones in warehouses, manufacturing plants and factories. 3M Lane Marking Applicator M1 helps to apply the marking tapes with greater ease and accuracy. Constructed of sturdy metal, this wheeled dispenser is durable and extremely easy to use.

Significantly facilitates the process of installing the tapes, while contributing to more accurate and correct marking. The applicator is operated without the need to bend or kneel, because in this way it is easy to notice whether tape is applied in a straight line.


  • Accessory helps apply safety tape to floors with greater ease, speed and perfection
  • Tape dispenser allows person applying tape to remain standing without kneeling on floor
  • Great for applying vinyl safety tape to floors in warehouses, factories and laboratories
  • Highly recommended for marking aisles, traffic lanes, hazard zones and storage areas

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Product Bulletin


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