Blue squeegee for fast and easy application of textured and non-textured films.


3M PA1-B squeegee - the perfect way to apply carbon film

3M PA-B Blue Squeegee3M PA1-B is made from nylon with high durability. This soft flex squeegee is highly recommended for applying textured and carbon films. Its structure allows you to achieve smooth sliding over the surfaces. The blue squeegee, similar to the 3M PA1-G gold squeegee, is made from highly durable nylon that makes them reusable.

When you use self-adhesive film like carbon or DI-NOC, you should use 3M SA-1 Low Friction Sleeves. Thus, you will have scratch-free film applications and you will prolong the life of the squeegee.

Applications of 3M PA1-B

3M PA1-B squeegee can be used during the application of the following types of film:
  • carbon films
  • window films
  • cast films
  • calendared films
  • print graphic films
  • prespacing Tape

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