Top Sheet Cutter OLFA TS-1 can be used for creating paper art, cutting coupons and printed articles, at architects’ work or crafting. It cuts:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • wallpapers
  • tapes
  • drawings
  • thin films


OLFA TS-1 is designed for easy cutting of drawings

OLFA TS-1 Stainless Knife has two spare blades and Auto Pressure function for precise cutting – only the top sheet. Using this snap-off blade knife you can control the cutting pressure (cut depth ) and make your work easier. For thin materials such as newspaper, move the adjuster towards MIN sign. If you want to cut thicker materials as cardboard, move the adjuster towards MAX sign.

Olfa sheet TS-1 bladeOLFA Top sheet cutter has blades which are made from high quality alloy steel made. It increases durability of the knife during long-lasting application and guarantees high strength of the blades.

OLFA TS-1 cutting paper technique

All these advantages of OLFA TS-1 TOP Sheet cutter make its life longer even at multiple usage.

This snap-off blade knife is prized for design from the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association. It also is awarded with GS mark, which means that the product is safe for human health.

Мanufacturer: OLFA, Japan
Proper Blades: TSB-1

Applications of OLFA TS-1 Stainless Knife

OLFA TS-1 Stainless Knife is the best choice when you want to cut:
  • paper
  • cardstock
  • wallpapers
  • drawings

Advantages of OLFA Top sheet cutter

  • hard blades
  • safety function
  • one more blade
  • blade control for different tickness
  • long-life usage

Additional information

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 1 cm

Snap-off blade utility knives




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