3M Gripping Material enhance grip and reduce slippage. Made of thousands of micro-replicated gripping fingers, it provides a lighter but denser grip for maximum retention with minimal effort.

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3M Gripping Material applications3M Gripping Material is made up of thousands of micro-replicated gripping fingers. It provides a lighter but tighter grip for maximum retention with minimal effort. Improves traction and reduces slip. Designed to improve traction and reduce slippage, 3M Gripping Material is extremely soft.

Thanks to its pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, it can be used on various surfaces. Used alone, this material provides a secure grip, but when used in conjunction with another gripping material, such as sewn into a glove, the grip strength increases even in wet conditions.

3M Gripping Material is constructed with a thin and flexible fabric pad, which is laminated on acrylic glue for easy application. The product is used for a variety of surfaces, including low surface energy substrates such as LSE plastics and powder paints and can be spirally wrapped around handles and shafts.

3M Gripping Material performs well in a wide range of temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to 60 ° C indoors and outdoors.


  • Very soft material
  • Adhesive backed gripping material designed to stick on contact
  • Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Designed to provide slip resistance and easy-release properties
  • Thermoplastic elastomer gripping polymer
  • High friction properties with increased cushioning, comfort, flexibility and softness
  • High coefficient of friction properties, even in wet and oily conditions


  • Equipment handles, levers and grips on industrial equipment and tools
  • Power tools, gardening equipment, lawn mowers and snow blowers
  • Truck, forklift and auto steering wheels
  • Application on tennis rackets
  • Sports equipment handles

Additional information

Roll length

2 m

Roll width

25 mm




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Product bulletin
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Application guide


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