White squeegee for film installation in corners and bumps, for measuring or using as a trim guide during application of self-adhesive films – window films, car wrap films, architectural films, and others.


Unique shape squeegee designed for convenience during film installation

GDI Tools GT190 White 5 Way Trim Guide is a white hard card squeegee that can be used in different ways. Designed to meet the film installers’ requirements for quality and convenience. You can use the squeegee as a trim guide or wrap in paper towels and use as a bump tool. GT190 White offers unique shapes and corners. It also has a ruler to measure during work.

Advantages of GT190 White 5 Way Trim Guide:

  • serves as a trim guide
  • convenient for application in corners
  • suitable for applying to curves and bumps
  • can also serves as a ruler for measuring details

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