Double-sided adhesive tapes for bonding automotive emblems.

  • metal
  • painted surfaces


Pressure sensitive adhesive for attaching automotive emblems

3M™ Press-In-Place Emblem Adhesive is designed for attaching automotive emblems. Its structure is made out of adhesive layer placed between two protectors. Thanks to its technology, the Press-In-Place tape assures fast and easy bonding of automotive emblems. Similar in structure to the double-sided tapes. The tape has thin, transparent, flexible adhesive layer.

Bonding decorative elements with 3M Press-In-Place

Minimum bonding time. Does not require any prior application. The 3M Press-In-Place tapes are humid and heat resistance, and have UV rays protection. That guarantees the durable and long-lasting bonding of the automotive emblems.

Applications of 3M Press-In-Place

With the double-sided Press-In-Place tapes you can bond different automotive decorative elements, such as:

  • emblems
  • signs
  • symbols
  • panels
  • decorations
What is the easiest way to bond automotive emblems

Advantages of 3M Press-In-Place tape

  • Fast, easy bonding
  • The adhesive does not change its shape
  • No additional efforts
  • The perfect alternative of the traditional adhesives, even better
  • Compact and easy-to-use

Bonding technique

Fast and easy bonding that follows only few easy steps. Does not require any additional skills.

Залепване с лента за емблеми на коли 3M Press-In-Place - Стъпка 2

Step 1: Place the emblem over the tape and press.

Лепене с лента за емблеми на коли 3M Press-In-Place

Step 2: Peel the emblem off the tape.

Залепване на емблеми на коли

Step 3: Place the emblem over the wanted surface and press.

Video: How to work with Press-In-Place tape?

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 30.4 × 5.08 × 1.5 cm

5,08cm х 30,4cm

Tape adhesive

Transfer Adhesive

Tape color




3M Product family

3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes


Adhesive transfer tapes

Materials to apply

Metal Painted, Metal Unpainted

Assembly solutions

Mounting and trim attachment, Small joint assembly


3M Press-In-Place Emblem Adhesive, pdf


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