Recosable fasterners 25 × 25 mm for multiple attachment and detachment of partition panels, flexible solar panels, acoustic panels and more. Bonds materials such as:

  • metal
  • glass
  • lacquered wood
  • acrylic
  • polycarbonate
  • polyester
  • nylon
  • vinyl
  • others


Double-sided 3M Dual Lock 3560 for easy and fast multiple installations

Shear and Peel Strength
Temperature and Solvent Resistance ✚✚
Ease of Application ✚✚
Rate of Strength Build ✚✚✚
Aesthetics ✚✚✚
Flexibility and Joint Expansion ✚✚✚
Repositionability During Application ✚✚

One package contains 8 pcs. (25mm x 25mm).

Reclosable fastener Dual Lock 3M TB3560 double-sided tapes. One side is covered with transparent acrylic adhesive, the other is made out of hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems. The acrylic adhesive provides excellent durability of applications exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Perfect bonding of materials with high surface energy such as – varnished wood, metal, plastic, glass, ABS, and many more.

The mushroom shaped stems are made from polypropylene and are completely transparent. Their strength depends on the thickness of the stems.

The double-sided tapes for multiple attachment and detachment. 3M Dual Lock TB3560 are designed for heavy loads and have 250 stems per square inch.

Structure of 3M Dual Lock 3560 Reclosable Fasteners
The structure of the mushroom shaped stems
Tapes for multiple install and deinstall - 3M SJ3560 Dual Lock

The Dual Lock tape successfully substitutes all known methods for bonding zippers, screws, paper clips, hooks, and many more. The bonding tape TB3560 is better than other adhesives, because of its fast and easy application. The tape is designed for multiple attachment and detachment (up to 1000 cycles). This tape resist strong vibrations. 3M Dual Lock TB3560 is suitable for outdoor applications, can resist different weather conditions, UV rays, and chemicals.

See also 3M Dual Lock SJ3463.

Learn more about  3M Dual Lock on 3M’s website.

Bonds all these materials

  • metal
  • glass
  • varnished wood
  • acrylic
  • polystyrene
  • polycarbonate
  • polyester
  • nylon
  • vinyl
  • other materials

Advantages of 3M TB3560 Dual Lock

Bonding panels with 3M TB3560 Dual Lock
3M TB3560 Dual Lock bonds different materials
  • Office partitions, wall panels
  • Acoustic panels
  • Access panels for electrical equipment and lifts
  • Cameras in vehicles
  • Promotional signboards for shops
  • Stands for exhibitions
  • Car ceilings
  • Flexible solar panels
  • Hanging medical equipment
  • Flooring
  • Decorative panels
  • Lighting
  • Other applications
Bonding various materials 3M TB3560
Bonding of different flooring with 3M TB3560 Dual Lock

Mounting technique of 3M Dual Lock TB3560

Before bonding, clean and dry the surfaces.


  1. Attach two pieces of the Dual Lock tape.
  2. Peel on of the pieces.
  3. Place it over the surface that you would like to bond.
  4. Peel the protector off the second piece.
  5. Situate the application and press for a few seconds.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg

25mm x 25 mm

Tape adhesive


Color Dual Lock

No color

Tickness Dual Lock

5,7 mm

Temperture range

from -40°C to +93°C




Reclosable fasteners Dual Lock

3M Product family

3M Reclosable Fasteners

Assembly solutions

Mounting and trim attachment, Panel to frame

Materials to apply

Metal Painted, Acryl, PVC, Polycarbonate, Glass, Ceramic, Stones, Metal Unpainted, Nylon, PET, Wood


3M Dual Lock Brochure
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3M Fastening Family Brochure
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