OLFA PC-L cutter is designed for the following materials:

  • plexiglas
  • laminate
  • acrylic
  • others


PC-L cutter

With the purchase of the knife you receive two additional spare blades.

OLFA PC-L is designed for cutting plexiglas and laminate. It leaves a thin line over materials such as plexiglas, laminate, and acrylic. There is a container for the spare blades on the handle of the cutter.

Widely used in concrete and other industries.

Manufacturer: OLFA, Japan
Spare blades: PB-800

Applications of OLFA PC-L

OLFA PC-L is recommended for cutting:

  • plexiglas
  • laminate
  • acrylic
  • others

Application of OLFA PC-L

Advantages of OLFA PC-L

  • hard plastic surface
  • precise cutting
  • container for spare blades
  • regulation of the blades
  • special design

How to use OLFA PC-L cutter

  1. Prior cutting, make sure you have chosen the proper knife for the material.
  2. Add pressure to the surface of the material, without placing your hands before the knife.
  3. It is highly recommended to cut under an angle in order not to damage the project.

OLFA PC-L Apliccation

Additional information

Weight 0.070 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 1.5 cm

Snap-off blade utility knives




OLFA Product catalog
Product Catalog
Safety Guide
Safety Guide


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